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Delicate and intricate. Beautifully compositioned artwork to relay each scene in a totally unique way.
Tez produces humourous cartoon illustrations to visually 'tell a joke'.
Parker is a freelance illustrator/designer based in the North of England.
Gook produces fabulous, humourous, cartoon illustrations for all occasions.
Ryan has been working in illustration and animation for a long time. Clients have included, Proctor and Gamble, Penthouse Magazine, The Mail on Sunday, BBC, ITV, Disney, Matchbox Toys and Philips along with many others.
Fun, cute, colourful - the perfect combination for any animal character and Price incorporates them all.
Cam has created artwork for licensed characters now for many years, including Bob the Builder and more recently, having been given the responsibility to create the style guide for the entire range of the JCB characters you see all around you today.
Able to produce licensed characters to the highest standards.
Loudon is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist.
in Cartoon
in Cartoon
Specialising in 3D children’s character illustration for the educational sector, Don has been working as an illustrator now for over 5 years.
An extremely talented cartoon illustrator.
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