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A fashion designer by trade, who has always love the illustrative side to designing.
Ellen illustrates alongside her day to day styling job, she has made her contacts through her styling jobs and started creating commissioned artwork for various fashion houses and publications.
Lou has worked as an illustrator for several years, working within the publishing, advertising and editorial fields.
Dean is a UK-based artist with a fabulous ability to visualise and create mock-up, product illustrations based on written briefs and reference alone.
Francis has an unbelievable talent in creating realistic-looking illustrations for all types of subject matter although her portfolio does highlight many exceptional ‘food’ illustrations.
Realistic food type illustrations.
Henry undertakes work in a wide variety of design/illustration disciplines and media with an emphasis on hand skills but using computers to manipulate the imagery.
Available to discuss any commissions, thank you.
Moy possesses both the love and ability to create fun, cute, loveable characters which appeal to all ages.
A true, professional illustrator who is a recognised artist used by Disney amongst many others.
Able to produce licensed characters to the highest standards.
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