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Gray has been creating cute, traditional artwork for the children’s sector for over 15 years.
Quirky and talented, Tam creates her fabulous imagery using traditional skills.
The artist Franklyn is originally from Brighton, England and studied at Eastbourne Art School where he developed his passion for painting in gouache on board.
The artist Etna is originally from Romford but lived in Paris for many years before returning to Britain and gaining her Fine Arts degree at the Slade School of Fine Art.
Lou has worked as an illustrator for several years, working within the publishing, advertising and editorial fields.
Howarth's love of painting has seen her form a career of over 15 years now. Able to paint both traditionally and digitally.
Wilde's art is dark but has a depth of quality that gives it incredible class.
Worrall has worked in the illustration industry now for many years.
A completely self-taught artist and although not intentional, has developed a passion for wildlife art to such a point that he now almost exclusively paints wildlife subjects.
The illustrator Davery has worked as a commercial artist for over 20 years in the animation/advertising market.
Henry undertakes work in a wide variety of design/illustration disciplines and media with an emphasis on hand skills but using computers to manipulate the imagery.
Sinclair produces gorgeous illustrations ready to be included in any great children's book.
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